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THE multifunctional practical long-term advertising media for all branches

„worldwide long-term advertising media without horizon“

New worldwide patent of JS-Trade: Coole Elli®,

armrestcushion for all kind of cars - trucks and so on, multicushion... see flyer please

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Coole Elli ®   -   long-term advertising media

As stuffing for the armrest cushions many variations are possible and also protected under patent law.

I.e. amongst others foamed plastic, styrofoam beads, sand, gel, water, air (pneumatically – like little swimming wings for children) and many more.


The shapes of the cushions are produced according to customers demand in different designs (standard measure approx. 32 x 34 cm, long-term advertising field approx. 19 x 34 cm), e.g., a football for ball sport associations, a camel for a cigarette brand – there are no limits set about creativity and imagination. 


The long-term advertising media Coole Elli® is clearly visible and readable no matter if the window is closed or opened, driver's side as well as  passenger's side.




Exhibition Dusseldorf: 07th - 09th of January, 2015

PSI 2015 - European leading fair of the advertising article industry



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